Estonia welcomes the MAMA project partners

Meeting in Estonia, creative clothes and handicraft worshop with learners of the target group of Mental Health Daycare Centre in Võisiku
and developping the key images for the performance.











The key-images are some pictures or some video sequences that will be shown on the stage during our last performance project.  Each picture is a part of the project and has been made during the mobilities.

The key-images are a compilation of strong moments from the experiences made during the visits and transnational  meetings: They are like the “red twine” all along the project, between the partner’s countries and between the different experiences with art, disabled
people and human stories.

All these images will be collected as “video-on-stage” for the last performance, and they will give the visual structure in the setting up of our last performance project.

The key-images will be also regularly updated on this blog, and can be seen by everyone all along the project.

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