Preparation for final performance in Berlin

All the partners of the MAMA Project have met for the last time on the island of  Madeira (Portugal), to prepare and realise the common performance ENDLESS (final project) with the “Dancing with differences” group, our partner. We met before in Berlin with our performer Roland Walter.

Working together with disabled people, in some innovative way

Each visit and transnational meeting has been the occasion of an exchange between different learning methods and various target groups. One partner will propose a workshop for the target group of the host institution and for the other partners, in order to get to know with an creative practice unused in the host structure, and based on a specific artistic way of expression.

For the target group, it has been the occasion to meet some people and to discover some new practices, and new ways of expression that they maybe never known before. The various artistic approaches during this workshop were given a huge spectrum of expressive ways: Free art, drawing, action painting, performances, dance and theatre, work “with” and “on” the body.

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