Taking off together

Taking off together is an interactive workshop with participants with and without disabilities that focuses on travel in times of travel restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic rather than on the journey to the far away places. We were effectively, physically separated by the state of emergency from many previously ordinary journeys at home and abroad. Even with the piecemeal withdrawal of restrictions, our ‘travel’ behaviour has changed, perhaps for a long time.

In the several days of ‘Taking off together’ we combine artistic means and our creativity with methods of meditation to take off for a journey into the inner self. On this journey we will explore our inner worlds of experience and expand them in the workshop. We will discover hidden, sunken cities and countries and never seen flora and fauna, get to know the ‘unknown’ and open ourselves to new experiences by turning our attention inwards to encounter our own unknown inner landscapes.

Unusual situations are always also situations of not knowing, of uncertainty, perhaps of fear. We are confronted with our limitations and with our previous methodical approaches we cannot approach problem solving with the same certainty as before. Our workshop is working with methods of non-knowledge.