Date: 02.4.-16.4.2016  /     Place: Mala/Arrieta  /     Guidance: art aspects/LAPAS

“We go into the same river, yet not in the same, we are there and we are not.”

The IDENTITY  SYMPOSIUM 2016  invites international students  between 18 and 30 years of all arts discipline to be a part of an intercultural exchange.

The identity of the people does not constitute whatsoever unique essence or an immutable essence. The formation of an identity for the American philosopher George Herbert Mead relies heavily on social interactions of individuals with other people. This is done via language and various means of communication, such as gestures and facial expressions or creative action.

In this symposium, we will explore the creative interactions in context of the identity of the individual as well as the identity with respect to a group, the island of Lanzarote, Spain, Europe … and in practical-artistic and theoretical work. In addition to the question of individual identity development we are interested  how we can push through the language of creativity an identity-forming element by an active exchange of our actions within a heterogeneous group with young people from different European countries.

The detailed description and application can be downloaded from October 2015 here.

How can we, acting as artists, intervene insocial and/or political processes? How can we create room for our intellectual approach in the area we are living outside. With the crisis in Europe which is really evident on the Canary Island Lanzarote, we will ask ourselves whether and how we develop  utopias as art-creatives and if  impulses for another perception will be able. Besides, not the results are primarily important but working actively together on a subject, exchanging ourselves, taking notice,…. etc.
These questions could be a starting point to create. We will also get to know places of the surroundings, getting to know artists living on the island, etc. . Starting points could also be special aspects of the island (the island as a life place, Atlantis, Europe, tourism, sustainability…) as well as personal aspects (dreams, images of ideal places…) which the participant artists allow to kick with each other in the dialogue.