relation between nature and culture -the artistic point of view
Certainly the highlight of 2010, Petra Liebl Osborne and Susi Planck provided an inspiring and motivational course for all who attended. Thank you once more for your help and cooperation. We hope to work together again in the future.

The main objective of the course concerned itself with an exchange of opinions on the far-reaching theme of the ´Relationship between Nature and Culture` worked on in an intercultural context and on a European level.
European countries – as represented by the participants – have an enormous richness of regionally grown cultures that are perfectly preserved in some parts but destroyed in others. This ´Inconvenient Truth` offers endless material for discussions. With the exchange of positive and negative examples participants were led to broadened insights that could flow back into educational programmes in their home countries. The central focus of the presented course was to emphasise a positive attitude for a symbiosis between ´Nature and Culture` and using this as a main goal in education on any level. To strengthen this attitude participants worked on Lanzarote with individual artistic practice and process oriented group work.