Mind Fields – Working with all Senses was about creating a personal ‘field’ or series of reactions, inspired by the island of Lanzarote. Using our senses as a guide we aimed to develop our artistic responses and learned to associate particular artworks to a thought, feeling, sound, movement, or phenomenon. By this method we were able to form a distinction between the non-personal media images we found ourselves encountering in our daily life and the individual and unique work we created during the course.

Returning to a world that requires our instincts; organic reactions that are produced through a feeling rather than research, we trust our ‘senses’ to produce an honest reaction to the environment, rather than affected by the media or our preconceptions.
We believe Lanzarote offered the best working conditions for Mind Fields for many reasons. One is due to its location; situated between the two cultural cradles of Europe and Africa, set apart from a world dominated by images, news, media and computers. It has its own unique landscape with a natural and cultural environment suitable for working and creating ideas in a more efficient and concentrated manner.