a videodocumentation (excerpt) by Michael von Erlenbach, director of art aspects, 2012-13.

With the help of Elisabeth and Patrick Germanier and Hans Meier Kämmerer.

Michael von Erlenbach got to know Stipo Pranyko short before he was leaving the island. Stipo Pranyko has been guiding him through the almost emty rooms, telling about light and the influence of architecture on his own artistic work. It was a bit sad and spooky walking through these extremly vivid rooms that have lost their purpose. Out of this dialogue this videodokumentation has been created that is shown here as an excerpt.

The artist Sipo Pranyko has been living for 25 years on the Canarian Island Lanzarote. During that time he has been making a whole lot of paintings and sculturs as well as building his own house in Tahiche. The amazing house that you will also find under Casa Stipo Pranyko is beeing described:

“A house resembling a sculpture, rational yet poetic in its design. A collection of bulidings, light and dark, domes, amorphous forms, light filtering softly through the windows, dynamic works of art everywhere and vestiges of memories collected over a long lifetime. Underground is a labyrinth that Stipo Pranyko dug with his own large and powerful hands in the solid black lava stone – a task to which he devoted himself on and off over fourteen years, sometimes until he dropped from physical exhaustion. A Jacob’s ladder rises out of the cavern and into the open air.”

Works of Stipo Pranyko at an exhibition in the “TEA”, Tenerife, 2012