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Utopie: οὐτοπία utopía  aus altgriechisch οὐ- ou- „nicht-“ und τόπος topos „Ort“

How can we, acting as artists, intervene insocial and/or political processes? How can we create room for our intellectual approach in the area we are living outside. With the crisis in Europe which is really evident on the Canary Island Lanzarote, we will ask ourselves whether and how we develop  utopias as art-creatives and if  impulses for another perception will be able. Besides, not the results are primarily important but working actively together on a subject, exchanging ourselves, taking notice,…. etc.


These questions could be a starting point to create. We will also get to know places of the surroundings, getting to know artists living on the island, etc. . Starting points could also be special aspects of the island (the island as a life place, Atlantis, Europe, tourism, sustainability…) as well as personal aspects (dreams, images of ideal places…) which the participant artists allow to kick with each other in the dialogue.


Utopias distinguish themselves by the fact, that the ideas which are not possible to realize at the time in which they are thought up, or not yet. There is still no place in the world for them. Participants of the symposium UTOPIA develop artistically creative models for the developed questions which are not bound though to the contemporary historical-cultural basic conditions. They will develop first starting points of a localization of the developed ideas that will be shown by  images, installations, performance, drawings, photographies, videos,…..dreams, etc.

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All media is welcome: drawing, painting, photography, video, performance, installation, music, dance,……

We will get to know the island by visits of different places (museums and artists studios).

The UTOPIA SYMPOSIUM 2013 took place from 28.03.- 06.04.2013 in Playa Marina, near Mala, Lanzarote