‘Horizons’ was developed as a course for adult educators who wished to learn from others and share their own knowledge and ideas. Group discussions, methods of reflection, an engagement of the senses and improvised performance were all devices employed by the facilitators in such a way as to inspire participants to work outside their comfort zones and develop a contemporary perception of education and its possibilities.

This creative Workshop directs its interest upon graphism and the practice of writing. The use of typography and the tradition of the written word make up an essential element of our culture and our history as social, communicative beings.

A considerable element of our culture can be contributed the practice of writing; it both forms and informs our history and our society but it also provides a significant outlet for
the expression of our personality. Within this workshop we will return to the roots of this practice and consider its history and the role it has played in our European society. In addition to this historical focus, we will also explore the employment of aesthetics within writing and its use as a creative process in relation to space, movement and the body.
Through the many depictions of writing, understood through sign, script, written activity, notations, movement and gesture, the participants will be able to engage and develop
their own creative writing skills and will explore its possibilities using a huge variety of graphical approaches. .…..