The perfume SÍ is a contribution of the artist Michael von Erlenbach as a representativ of art aspects in Berlin and the organisation LAPAS on Lanzarote for a symbolic object, represeenting the renitency against the Oil platforms that are going to be installed at the coasts on the Canarian Islands.


SÍ embodies the flavor of Lanzarote 2025
SÍ is absolutely terrific, exceptional
SÍ combines flavor with design
SÍ is absolute luxury

The product SÍ is not available yet in stores. We are still in testing. Because of the already high demand we ask to place your pre-orders on our order form.You will receive messages when SÍ is on the market.

Idea/Draft: Michael von Erlenbach
3D Animation: Olivier Cugniet | Mirage CG | Berlin