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Dynamische Meditation

Dynamische Meditation


Since January 2023 we offer the Dynamic Meditation as a regular meditation. This should put the corona years behind us. This is an innovation that we have been looking forward to for a long time. The dynamic meditation is a morning meditation that gives us the opportunity to start the day at 7am. Later, we would also like to offer the Kundalini Meditation, which concludes the day in the evening. Dynamic meditation has been taught in classes by various professors at some art academies in the 1980s to train body awareness in the field of performative arts.


Later, we would also like to offer the Kundalini Meditation, which concludes the day in the evening. Both meditations are active meditations developed by Osho in the late 70s and early 80s. In the western hemisphere it is becoming more and more difficult for us to simply sit down to meditate, to clear our minds of thoughts, fears, stress…. The active meditations support the coming to peace by first of all challenging us physically. The dynamic meditation is therefore divided into five phases. The first three phases, the violent, chaotic breathing, the catharsis, in which one can go completely out of oneself, and the centring on ourselves by jumping up and down with raised arms, create a very good basis for the silence that follows. The first three phases are accompanied by the same musical elements, while in the fourth phase it is absolutely quiet. In the fifth phase, the music starts again and we can welcome the day with movement and dance.

It is an unusual but very profound and joyful meditation that inspires one with serenity after the initial effort of the first three phases. For many, this meditation helps not only with psychologically stressful life situations, but also on a purely physical level. The meditation is physically challenging, but still suitable for all ages.

Some of our association members have had very good experiences with this meditation and have been doing it for several years. You can also do the meditation well alone at home, but together in a group there is a completely different dynamic and it is much more fun.

You will find all the information here.

The meditation takes place in cooperation with the Von Erlenbach Kunstschule.