Date: 30.5.-10.6.2015       /       Place: Mala/Arrieta     /     Conductors: Patrick Germanier/ Michael von Erlenbach

With the UTOPIA SYMPOSIUM 2015, we continue the UTOPIA – series that 2013 started as an international Symposium of the Arts for artistic exchange and international cooperation on Lanzarote.

International artists, students and art educators of all art disciplines are invited to exchange ideas in an active artistic dialogue. The aim is to investigate behaviors that shape from artistic processes out to their applicability in the real world. The detailed description and registration can be found in our PDF (540 KB)

How can we, acting as artists, intervene insocial and/or political processes? How can we create room for our intellectual approach in the area we are living outside. With the crisis in Europe which is really evident on the Canary Island Lanzarote, we will ask ourselves whether and how we develop  utopias as art-creatives and if  impulses for another perception will be able. Besides, not the results are primarily important but working actively together on a subject, exchanging ourselves, taking notice,…. etc.