Dynamic Meditation at art aspects

OSHO Dynamic Meditation is a one-hour active meditation in which your physical activity plays a central role. The meditative posture is achieved in the course of a dynamic, physically active meditation session.

The meditation is structured in five phases. The active phases give you the opportunity to free yourself from your inner ballast, your negative emotions, your stress, your conflict situations, etc. and it leads you on the path to start the day more unburdened and free. Meditation frees you from your patterns, which are held in your body in the form of inner tension. This creates a lot of space for silent observation during the passive phase. The meditation is always accompanied by the same music.

Meditation start and run

The Dynamic Meditation starts punctually at 7.30 AM at Nostitzstraße 40, 10961 Berlin, HH, left 1st floor. Please come at least 15 minutes before, as there will be a short introduction every day. We recommend to wear comfortable clothes.




You can book weekly or for 21 days.

Every Sunday the meditation can be booked for 10 EUR as a single appointment to get to know this form of meditation. (Registration required)

Costs and registration

Registration at meditation@art-aspects.de or by mobile number 0179-2909029 is required.

Registration is for at least one week.
80 EUR/ 7 DAYS

We recommend a 21 day challenge to really experience the process involved. 
200 EUR/ 21 DAYS

Installment:  Deutsche Skatbank Iban: DE52 8306 5408 0004 0411 00     BIC: GENODEF1SLR
via Paypal, directly by QR Code. Just scan it.

Donation receipt.
We are a registered association and can also issue a donation receipt for course bookings.


Dynamic Meditation – Description


Dynamic Meditation and Kundalini Meditation are among the active meditation techniques in which your physical activity plays a central role.
The meditative posture is only reached after a dynamic, physically active meditation session.
At the beginning of each meditation session there will be an introduction to the process so that it is possible for everyone to join in.
We recommend wearing comfortable clothing.


First Phase: You breathe deeply, quickly and chaotically, i.e. unrhythmically through your nose. You take your whole body with you,
which supports you in this phase. The focus is on the exhalation.
Second Phase: Katharsis. Let go of everything inside you, throw it out of you. You can scream, laugh, cry, listen to your body
and give in to the impulses of how it wants to free you from your inner burden, your anger, your emotions that weigh you down.
Be spontaneous, hold nothing back, and take your body with you. Don’t be shy, discard all conventions.
Third Phase: Beide Arme sind über dem Kopf nach oben ausgestreckt. Springe mit erhobenen Armen zu der Musik auf und ab und rufe beim Berühren des Bodens das Mantra „Huh“  . Das Mantra Huh sollte tief aus dem Bauch heraus und nicht aus der Kehle kommen. Deine Füßen sollen mit dem ganzen Fuß auf dem Boden landen, nicht nur mit den Ballen oder Fersen. Es ist kein Tanz sondern ein Sprung. Nur so gelangt das Mantra in dein Zentrum.
Fours Phase: Stopp! The music stops suddenly and you with it. You remain in the position you are in at the moment.
Everything is still, your entire attention is now directed inwards. Remain motionless until the music starts again slowly.
the mantra to reach your centre.
Fifth Phase: As soon as you hear the music you can move again, you can begin to dance and surrender to your emotions
in the dance and thus, in gratitude, greet the day.