Prospects 2018

In the last three years, things have changed a lot at art aspects and so the prospects for 2018 and the next years are under these new aspects: The projects on the Canary Island Lanzarote have been completed. Changing the EU’s programs and aligning the National Agencies has changed the requirement profiles. Artistic work is  not really supported by the National Agency in Bonn as an eligible further education, which is why the last applications ran into the void.Therefore these programs are no longer our priority. Therefore, we focus on projects and workshops in Berlin and Tarifa in southern Spain, where we have found new partners in the collaboration who want to combine with us elements of meditation and artistic work. More about this when the individual projects are fixed.

With Miss Stanhope and her project Lobilat, we are committed to her mission to make refugee children in Berlin and in the refugee camps a pleasure. Miss Stanhope travels to Lebanon with Lobilat and hundreds of fluffies several times a year, hosting artistic workshops there as well as in Berlin. She does an amazing, wonderful work and we are proud to support her on her way. You will learn more from her here:

With Roland Walter, we have had a project designer for some time now, who is heavily involved in the performance of the “Aktion Mensch” program in the field of performance with the emphasis on cooperation with disabled people. Roland is a person with spastic tetraplegia with athetosis, so severely handicapped. With his project MAMA 2012, Roland discovered his body as a means of expression and since then traveles around the world as a performer and inclusion ambassador. More from him at: