A piece for Clowns: Naughty or dangerous? Honestly!

Promotion by Aktion Mensch. Performance on May 12th

Roland Walter, inclusion ambassador, performer, and himself a person with spastic tetraplegia with athetoses, meets Barbara Duss, clown and theater pedagogue in 2017. Barbara has been active as a theater pedagogue for disabled persons and is involved in “clowns without borders” on the platform of the Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin.
They are introduced to each other by a friend.  Soon after the introducting person has left, Roland Walter drives at high speed to the other side of the platform and a woman of the age of Barbara Duss dives after Roland. Ms. Duss follows the situation leisurely and says, finally arrived with her knee osteoarthritis at the other end of the platform: “It is not fitting for a gentleman, leaving two ladies on the platform and just driving away”. The answer of Roland Walter with scrutinizing look the two rather chubby women from bottom to top and a mischievous laugh: “I just wanted to train you”.
After this curious intruduction we decided to work together in a Clows  piece.

Schedule: May 5 actions in the city to the action day
Premiere May 12th