from 23rd to 29th July 2018
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Together with the association art aspects and promoted by Aktion Mensch, the movement workshop “Deviation” takes place in the last week of July.

How does the city’s architecture determine the way we move and act in it? When do we voluntarily give up / leave, and when does the city force us to avoid or avoid it?

Starting from different artistic forms of expression and tasks, we want to roam parallel existing public spheres together, ask the question of their borderlines and deal with their permeability.

Through dance and theater exercises, we will explore body and space together and sharpen our auditory, tactile and visual perceptions.

We want to make the differences, deviations, diversions dance and constantly keep moving.

It works both in the studio and in public spaces. Above all, the work in the studio should serve the participants in various approaches to movement, text and drama to allow them to deal with the urban spaces. With this prerequisite, manifestations and excursions in public spaces are then designed and tested. The focus is on the dialogue and reflection of one’s own perceptions and experiences, as well as a common search for movement that will lead to a showing at the end of the week.