Maria bei art aspects

Maria, a student of sculpture at the Giebichenstein in Halle and one of our successful participants in the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. came to visit, to inquire on the Lanzarote symposium in 2014.


She showed great interest to participate in it and will also inform their fellow students on the exchange site.

König Roland bei art aspects

Roland Walter, having been main actor in our MA-MA Project of our learning parnership with 5 different european nations, showed up with his performance projects.

„Architecture of absence“  Performance in Dock 11 in Berlin with
Isak Immanuel, Yuko Kaseki, Roland Walter, Macoto Inagawa, Hikaru Inagawa

We are lucky to announce that Roland, known as King Roland, will be a member at the art aspects art society, planning some seminars and workshop with Aktion Mensch. We hope he will succeed in this way with a  support from our side.



With the UTOPIA SYMPOSIUM 2014 we will continue the  UTOPIA Symposiums on Arts, that we started in 2013 as an international exchange for artists, art educators and all people interested in the Arts, taking place on the Canarian Island Lanzarote.

Therefor we invite all artists from all over the world, students, professors, lecturers, dancers, performer, musicians,………… to take part in that active and creative process.

The goal is to examine if behaviors shaped on the basis of artistic processes are applicable to reality.

Please find all information and the application form under our PDF (528 KB)


2013 the first symposium took place wit the help of 14 persons  out of five nations and of four different academies from Germany and Swizzerland. It was a really great success for all participants. Please visit herefor our project archive.

Besuch aus Hamburg

If you haven`t seen your friends for a longer term, it is a pleasure to come together again. So we were lucky to meet John again, one of our foundation member of art aspect, who is living and studying in Hamburg. He passed by, showing us his first catalogue with amazing art works.

It was always a pleasure to talk with John. This meeting, he surprised us with its first catalog and his new friend Jimmy.

My Fest statt Mai Demo


Berlin really changed a lot. Having seen burning cars all over Oranienstraße some years ago, accompanied by demonstrants throwing stones, demonstrating against right power, struggling for equality and fighting against the police all around you now can find a big street festival with a variation of different styles of music, from Techno to  Old School Rock and indian vibes.

The Maidemonstrations have turned into the My Fest. Everything, ok?! No problems?! No reasons for demonstrations?!

Brave new Berlin




artaspects_Spuren deiner Kultur_57

Jose Farray is not only a great photographer but also a good cartographer. With three other colleagues, he crosses regularly and systematically the “mal país” in the north of the island, photographing and cartographing old tracks, finding objects and assignim them to the map via GPS.

We were fortunate that he took us on the trail.


artaspects_Spuren deiner Kultur_67

artaspects_Spuren deiner Kultur_63

artaspects_Spuren deiner Kultur_66

Gute Freunde für UTOPIA

Paul, who is studying at the UdK since short time, die apply for our symposium UTOPIA Lanzarote yesterday. So, the two good friends Hans and Paul will meet on the Island again.

We are lucky about that decision and we will be lucky when there are some more people from the UdK and other academies joining us.

Die Welt von Steiner

Making a journey to art collectors and academies we made a stop over in Gondelsheim, where you will find a castle nearby the railway station.

Michael Steiner, galerist and art curator, welcome us very politely. Having made the first symposium togetheron Lanzarote with 12 artists out of  4 nations twenty years ago, we were talking about these times and about the aspects of having a symposium this year after such a long time again.

The walls showed a large variety of paintings of the  Dresdener painter Steffen Wriecz, who is living in Sockholm since two years. He will hopefully accompany us to our symposium this year.

Die Krise der Portraitfotografie

This week we visited a very unusual exhibition at the Aufbauhaus at Moritzplatz in Berlin

After having worked on the photographies for a long time, the fashion designer Wolfgang Joop did not give his ok to present them on an exhibition, just a day before. So, Jens Neumann and Edgar Rodtmann, both famous photographers in Berlin and well known by their serie “Beauties”, could only show the backgrounds of the photos they have made from the designer.

The exhibition has been a great success either way due to the humor of the photographers.

Néstor unterstützt “Realidades”

The Berlin based architect Néstor Pérez B. supports our videowork “Realidades 2012-1013” due to his participation

Néstor with art aspects member Hans Jürgen Meier

Néstor works as a free lance architect in Berlin and on the island Lanzarote since he left the studio of artist Olafur Eliasson where he worked during the last six years. Now, working alone and together with other artists in Berlin, he is going to realize his own projects. One of those will be a project for sustainability on Lanzarote, where he will work together with his sister, near Arrecife.

We are really lucky beeing supported by this fantastic person for the  Realidades project

UTOPIA_Symposium_2013 out now

Today we will start with our application for the upcoming UTOPIA SYMPOSIUM on LANZAROTE in March/ April 2013.  All informations are online now and we hope to get many interested people to work with us together on a exciting topic on a very special and even more exotic place. You will dind all info on the web:

The symposium is directed at all art enthusiast, at international artists as well as at students, professors and people working in futher education programs.

Der Zeitpunkt für das Symposium ist so gelegt, dass interessierte Studenten nichts von ihrem Studium verpassen werden und alle anderen Interessierten den Osterurlaub  dafür eine teilnahme nutzen können.