Treffen mit C. Garcia

We met C. Garcia in the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.The famous spanish artist has been interested to be a part oof our ongoing documentation about artists, that have been born or that are currently or temporarily working on the Canarian Island Lanzarote. So we  will arrage a meeting when we come back to document her work in her studio.

Abunde, Abunde

We converted Abunde, collector of works of Sipo Pranyko for our project “Realidades”. Stipo Pranyko has been a good friend to Abunde for more than 40 years and she and her husband collected more than 150 works of the artist.

It was a really fantastic meeting in her house on Tenerife where she is living for more than 15 years. She has been supporting the exhibition as well that is running at “TEA” on Tenerife for some months now with a retrospective of Stipo Pranyko. Wit her engagement we could improve our project Realidades as well as the documentation HOMO LUDENS about the artist.

Many thanks to Abunde.

Protagonisten für UTOPIA:the beginning

For our project UTOPIA: the beginningwe visited different people in different areas of the island El Hierro, pleople that live and work on the island and interested in a collaboration with us as artists. We met very friendly people, unbiased, warm hearted and with great respect and support for our work.






Dona Flor


2. meeting für Utopia_the beginning

With the invitation to the festival “La mirada de las mujeres”, that will show different artists in different places all over Spain, including the Canarian Islands, we decided to continue our ideas for a participantion.

Michael von Erlenbach from Berlin and Patrick Germanier, born in Switzerland together with his Swiss artists Simone Rüssli, living on the Canarian Island Lanzarote, have started to work on a concept that will be realised as a documentation on the most western island El Hierro.


Abschlussperformance des MAMA Projektes auf DVD ist fertig

A double DVD of the project and its results has been produced by art aspects. These films relate the whole working process over 2 years (2010-2012), the several workshops and meetings between the diferent countries, the work on the final performance and the presentation of the performance in the theater “Centro das Artes” in Madeira, with the Dancing with differences group and all the partners and target groups of the project.

This DVD is a experimental, artistic documentary work about the project. It shows a huge panel of artistic tool and creative way of working with mix-ability groups. It can be used as pedagogic tool in several fields of work (education, artistic, social and therapeutic field…). This work and its development aims to give a new perspective of human relation and learning experiences.

Please see a little track out of the project here

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This double DVD contains:

Endless performance, Madeira (75 min.)
Final Interviews with the partners (60 min.)
Interview with the public, theater “Centro das Artes” (4 min.)
Lithuania, music and songs (18 min.)
Germany, action painting (23 min.)
Poland, dance (42 min.)
Estonia, tissue and silk (25 min.)
Portugal, rehearsals of the final performance (50 min.)

To get the double DVD of the ma-ma project, please contact us

Wasted land in Berlin

This weekend we will visit the wasteland twinning forum at a waste area, round the Westhafen, in Berlin. Last year some artists have founded the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, working together with other organisations round the world whose main interest is the discussion about art and sustainibility.

There are different workshops going on. Find out more here:

“Keine Macht für Niemand”

40 years ago the first album „Keine Macht für Niemand“  of the group Ton Steine Scherben appeared. This band became famous for their activities, not only in respect of their music but also because of their political attitude, living in the seperated Berlin. In celebration of this birthday their will be a collaboration of the band with the Community Impulse Initiative e.v. , making an exhibition and different concerts with guest musicians.

art aspects has been visiting the opening, reflecting the necessity of a strong group of people, working in differents aspects of live together to create a better life and to resist against inequity.

Rembrandt comes for a visit

The Netherland artist René and his german partner Dagmar came for a visit to the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE and art aspects to show their fantastic work. Reneé is working in the tradition of 17th Netherlands painting style and he studied the works of Rembrandt, making copies and developing his work in a contemporary way.  We have had a good time together, because they also like good wine.

Searching for a dancer


We would like to invite all dancers with desire and time for an experimental dance performance  to support our following friend.

Roland Walter, a wonderful and fun-loving, handicapped man, spastic, but really fit in the head and in the life, searches a dancer who steps in for a colleague who overtook an engagement. A performance is planned in August. There will be enough people from press around, for Roland is very special.

Wir möchten alle Tänzerinnen, die Lust und Zeit für eine experimentelle Tanzperformance haben einladen, unseren nachfolgenden Freund zu unterstützen.

Roland Walter, ein großartiger und lebenslustiger, behinderter Mann, Spastiker, aber super fit im Kopf und im Leben, sucht eine Tänzerin, welche für eine Kollegin einspringt, die ein Engagement ereilte. Es ist eine Aufführung im August geplant, bei der auch genug Presseleute anwesend sein werden.

Wir freuen uns wenn ihr Kontakt mit Roland aufnehmt, am besten per email unter :

Preparation for final performance in Berlin

All the partners of the MAMA Project have met for the last time on the island of  Madeira (Portugal), to prepare and realise the common performance ENDLESS (final project) with the “Dancing with differences” group, our partner. We met before in Berlin with our performer Roland Walter.

Working together with disabled people, in some innovative way

Each visit and transnational meeting has been the occasion of an exchange between different learning methods and various target groups. One partner will propose a workshop for the target group of the host institution and for the other partners, in order to get to know with an creative practice unused in the host structure, and based on a specific artistic way of expression.

For the target group, it has been the occasion to meet some people and to discover some new practices, and new ways of expression that they maybe never known before. The various artistic approaches during this workshop were given a huge spectrum of expressive ways: Free art, drawing, action painting, performances, dance and theatre, work “with” and “on” the body.

Berlin in action

Meeting in Germany, action painting workshop with learners of different target groups in Berlin

We decided to use the artistic productions of the meeting in Germany in september 2011 for our end performane project in 2012. The collective painting realised together (action-painting), as well as the drawings realised during the workshop by the partners of the project and the participants, will be shown in Madeira and included to our last interdisciplinary performance.

First general meeting in Berlin for the MAMA project


The MA-MA project (Motivation by Art – Art as a Motivation) is a interdisciplinary artistic project for disabled young adults (18-30 y.) This project is based on creative exchanges between artists  and mentally or physically disabled persons.

The main idea of this project is a mutual learning experience: In this partnership we would like to link art and handicap, and propose some active exchanges where the handicap is in the center of a creative learning process, and where the artistic experience will be open to many artistic forms, in the meaning of an “art without borders”.

We would like to create an innovative exchange of practices, learning to learn from artists as well as from handicapped people, giving a mutual motivation and developing an efficient awareness about the creative potentiality in each of us.

Here you can find the description of the project on the EST european Database: